chemoToday, I found out that a friend of mine had stage 3 neck cancer via Facebook.  He bravely announced the diagnosis and the treatment he would receive.

“To all my friends, here’s what’s been going on with me. I have been diagnosed with stage 3 Squamous Cell Carcinoma neck cancer. I found out after a large tumor came up on the right side of my neck. I had a procedure last Wednesday after a pet scan and they found the start point at the base of my tongue. Pet scan also showed cancer is contained to my neck.

Today they put in a port in my chest and a GI Feed tube in stomach.

Monday I will start Radiation and Chemo. Radiation will be 5 days a week and Chemo once a week. This will last 7 weeks. Doctors say I can win my battle but it’s going to be a tough road.

All prayers are appreciated and remember:
Fate whispers to the Warrior, You cannot withstand the storm, and the Warrior whispers back, “I AM THE STORM!””

I pray that God will heal him completely, absolutely.  I’ve asked God to show His loving face to this friend, his wife and his son so that they will have peace.

This is the thing about the incredibly difficult situations that we are faced with in life, they define us. 

Not only the person going through the suffering but the people around them.  Winston Churchill would hardly be known if it weren’t for the peril he and his countrymen faced in Nazi Germany.

This particular man is a good cop, a coach to kids, a Superman fan, a loving father and husband and an all around good guy.  We could look at this circumstance and be irritated at God.  Why would God allow this to happen to a good man?  How dare He.

We could see this as evidence that God doesn’t exist.  If God is loving and all-powerful then he can and should take this away.  We could say this is proof that God isn’t all-powerful and therefore not God.  Or that He isn’t loving and therefore isn’t good but actually evil.  Mankind is in this world alone, we are flesh and bone with no spirit.  This situation is another random circumstance in a world of random circumstances.

As I believe, we could see this horrible situation as the lasting affects of our fall away from God.  Our choice in the garden of Eden to willfully reject God.  But God in His immense love for us, breaks into the scene and offers healing and hope.  He takes our bad situation and transforms it into something that helps us become better people and closer to Him.   God wants the best for us, not by making our lives unbelievably easy but by drawing us to Him.  More of God is the best possible choice for us.

In the above situation, 252 people have commented in the first 8 hours to his Facebook post, most of whom said they will be praying for him.  Family, friends, kids he has coached, churches are all praying for one man’s tough situation.  God is working through this ugly cancer.  Hundreds of people, maybe thousands are talking to their loving Creator.  Pray for him.



Written by Ron Cloer