Have you ever met someone and instantly knew something special just happened?

Me and my dog, Tucker, were like that.


While you were still nursing, we watched you and your litter.

Over the two weeks that your breeder was on vacation amid the happiness of constant puppy piles, one dog stood out.

When the time came to choose a puppy, it was easy.

Your puppy siblings were cute but they weren’t you.

You were gentle and shy and loving to a fault.

I’m pretty sure the only thing you ever hated in your entire life was a stuffed hedgehog that squeaked.

You grew up with our family, as a loving part of our family.


You endured silly costumes around Halloween.

You begged for turkey scraps around Thanksgiving.

At Christmas you nosed into your stocking and got a rawhide.

I’m still not sure why you would “smoke” a rawhide. (so gangster)


There were so many things that I loved about you.

The way that you would look up at me with loving eyes.

I loved running my hands through your incredibly soft fur.

You listened to all my stories and complaints and never argued.

You were a little chubby but that made you better to hug.

In your younger days you would jump and run and give high 5’s.

In your last days you would wag and walk.


Over your life we gave you several nicknames all based in love.

When you were young, you were “Baby C”.

During the middle you were “Tuck, Tuck”.

At the end you were “Chub, Chub”.


Almost every day of your life was with my family, and it wasn’t enough.

8 years with you flew by in a flash, a dog’s life is short but you loved all you could.

This morning we found you forever asleep, but that doesn’t change my love for you.

You were a great dog, loving, sweet and gentle.

You were my dog and I’ll miss your sweet face forever.

Written by Ron Cloer