Currently she is the CEO of Children’s Bureau, one of the largest and oldest non-profits in the state of Indiana.  Children’s Bureau began helping kids in Indiana in 1851.  Yes, you read that correctly, 1851, years before the Civil War.  In the 80’s local news stations sponsored “Thursday Child” in an effort to get kids into foster care or adopted.  Last year (2014) they helped 47,000 kids in 47 counties across the state of Indiana.  So as I tell my wife, “she does BIG work.”

Tina regularly appears on local news, commercials and in newspaper articles.

Recently she was on NPR talking about the growing heroin and meth problem and the kids that problem impact.

NPR Report

Tina is the mother of 3 wonderful kids and can scrapbook with the best moms in the universe.IMG_2853IMG_2855