Over the years I’ve heard pastors talk about politics a lot.  Around the time of the election they will talk about making a “Christian” decision on the next candidate.  Then they will talk about one of the hot button issues and point to its right answer.  So they aren’t naming a candidate, usually, but they are coming down on a side, democrat or republican.  I always took note of this in sermons but was never bothered by this.  Perhaps I should have been.

My good friend Aaron, has been harping on politics and his changing views so I’ve been thinking about it more.  Thanks Aaron.  Honestly though, a close friend will challenge you on things and keeps your thinking from becoming stagnant so I do appreciate him.

democrat republicanThis is the thing that has been shoving bamboo rods under my fingernails lately.  Christianity isn’t democrat or republican or independent.  Christianity isn’t the same as the NRA either.  It is wholly and completely unique.  I personally know people on both sides of the aisle who vote while thinking about their faith.

For example, a democrat can rightfully argue that a Christian should help the poor and the needy.  A Christian should accept all people and love them regardless of their lifestyle.

A republican can truthfully argue that a Christian should protect the life of a baby, starting at conception.  A Christian should be responsible with their finances, not increase government spending.

I don’t care what your pastor, friend or television personality says, Christianity isn’t a political party and doesn’t neatly fit into any political category!

Stop acting like it does.  Stop diminishing Christianity to something less than it is.  The work that Jesus did, the sacrifices He made, the healing He performed, and the worldwide, 2 millennium movement He started are beyond our politics.  It was beyond Roman rule, beyond Napoleon’s worldwide dominance, beyond the Chinese dynasties, beyond the widespread British empire, beyond the cruel Nazi rule.  Movements, empires, leaders and dynasties are here for a while and then they disappear.  (Anyone a Whig party supporter?  #proof )

This, this right here, is why you will never hear me speak about my political views in public.  I’m a Christian.

Written by Ron Cloer