Making a symbol for your company through a logo, spokesman or cartoon character can add or diminish your brand.  Sometimes it’s horrible branding beyond imagination.

pink slimeThe first time I saw the Xifaxan commercial with it’s animated bowels, I almost choked.  Could it be that this little pink creature look identical to McDonald’s pink slime from 2012? Who wouldn’t want to look like the ammonium hydroxide pink goo that caused all that trouble for the golden arches?  Can you add some Windex with ammonia to my cheeseburger?  That pink slime incident was one of the biggest scandals of the year.  Obviously Xifaxan wanted to cash in on all that good will by adding eyes and a mouth to that disgusting mixture.

william WallacePerhaps I was taken back by this commercial because it was a walking intestines.  I hadn’t seen this much intestines since Glen fell off the dumpster into a horde of zombies or William Wallace had his removed in Braveheart.  I didn’t want to see bloody bowels ripped from great men then and I don’t want to see them now.  Being disembowelled was torture in the middle ages.  Is that the branding that Xifaxan was looking for with this marketing campaign?  I’m envisioning a marketing team brainstorming ideas.
“Hey, I haven’t seen a good disembowelling in such a long time.”
“Yeah, yeah that’s a great idea.”

twinkieWe can put any words that we want on this, bowels, guts, intestines.  However you say it, it is still the method that your body uses to absorb nutrients and excrete wastes.  It’s never going to be pretty.  Bathroom stalls have doors for a reason.  Even if this was good marketing, and it’s not, it will never be Twinkie the Kid.

Rant over


Written by Ron Cloer