Shoo MenuShoo fly is in the rapidly improving area at 22nd and Talbot.  If you haven’t driven in that area in a while, you’ll be shocked at the remodeled and new houses.  There is unbelievable growth and development just north of downtown Indianapolis and Shoo Fly is reaping the benefit.

Shoo fly is airy with the front being fully exposed with windows.  There isn’t a big sign like the golden arches so look for all the cars on the north side of the street.  Most of the place is minimal with industrial styled exposed heating and cooling ductwork and basic seating.  On each of my visits, this was my fourth, the place has been crowded with professionals, hipsters and regular joes.

PilgrimOn this visit I chose the Pilgrim ($12).  If you had to watch television with your father you’re immediately thinking of
John Wayne and his use of “Pilgrim”.  The Man who Shot Liberty Valance and the word Pilgrim.  Enough of that, back to the food.  A Pilgrim at Shoo Fly has stuffing as the top and bottom bun, a turkey patty with a cranberry/jalapeno sauce.  This sandwich will fall apart in your hands because it’s stuffing and not a bun.  It works though.  The key is the cranberry jalapeño, the more the better.  Everything else is mostly bland flavored items making that sauce vital.  Every dish comes with a pickle blend in a small tub.  It’s a delicious little tangy treat.  BLT

My wife ordered a simple dish the BLT ($10).  This one has what seems like a pound of bacon piled on it.  Thick, flavorful bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted bread.  Both of us ordered the sweet potato fries and didn’t regret it.  They are just a little sweet with light seasoning.  I’ve tried some of the other sides but always go back to the sweet potato fries.

TorteFor desert Tina ordered the chocolate Torte.  The waitress described it as a fancy Twix bar.  It is very rich.  They tried to balance the richness of the torte with a shortbread crust.  I didn’t think that it blended well or balanced it.  The shortbread was difficult to break through and the torte was too sweet.  While it looks amazing it wasn’t that good.  Sorry chocolate lovers but that’s the only menu option with chocolate.

With 2 entrees, 2 iced teas and 2 desserts we spent $54 not including the tip.  To me that’s a little much for this lunch.  It’s good but not that good.  Get a sandwich to go from there and you’ll be happy with the price and the food.


Written by Ron Cloer