In the days and weeks to come I will try to post each week.  Family, work, sports, food, faith and gardening are all topics that I want to talk about.  For a blogger there is one thing we love, ok maybe two, comments and shares.  So if by some random chance I write something you love, share it or comment.

My wife, Tina, has been married to the love of her life for years now. (it’s me)  Here is Tina’s page to read more about this amazing woman

My daughter, Olivia, is a former participant on CBS’s Kid Nation.  She recently graduated from Depauw University and is working for a Christian toy company.  She has written a sobering and captivating book about her experiences and it should be published in 2016.

My daughter, Mallory, is also a former participant on CBS’s Kid Nation.  Currently she is a Freshman at Taylor University.  She was in show choir and did an incredible job dancing and singing.

My son, Griffin, was a miracle baby.  Currently a 7th grader in middle school.  He is super smart and has already created several card games.  Maybe he can get them to the general public some day.

In the Batcave

In the Batcave

I’m a comic book geek with a Batcave to prove it.  My collection, which includes toys, comics, games, statues, lunch boxes, action figures and original art is focused on Batman, Spiderman and Neal Adam’s comics.  To the right is one corner of my amazing room.



Ron Cloer