Psalms 8

CalcuttaFrom the crowded streets of Calcutta to the magnificent tropical rainforest in Brazil to the colorful houses dotting the coast of Greenland, Your name God is beyond all others.  You made the sky and it speaks to Your greatness.

Even within the babble of a baby or the nonsense of a toddler your name is lifted above the voice of the most studied atheist or active opposition.  You can use the jabber of the youngest to shut the mouths of your foes.

When I look at pictures of distant galaxies and colorful nebulae in spellbinding shapes, I’m reminded that this was all your work.  When I understand the precise way you placed the moon in our orbit, affecting tides with its gravitational pull, I start to wonder.

spaceWhat is the entire human race in comparison to the Great Creator God?  How could someone so grand, so powerful, so enduring even look in our direction?  Yet, you go beyond noticing us, you love us beyond our ability to contain it.

When you breathed into the dust to create the first of us, you gave humanity worth and value.  We weren’t something throw in at the last minute or something that happened by chance, we were formed by the hands of a loving God with His fingerprints clearly seen

You made us kings and queens of your created work.  The animals You made kneel before us.

humpback whaleAll of your creations yield to us, from majestic lions on the grassy savannahs, to black and white cows scattered in all directions from a weathered red barn, from graceful red tailed hawks gliding silently on wind currents to mammoth whales leaping from the cold Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine.

God, your name is royalty and renown, it is above everything and everyone from before time began going infinitely forward.  LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

Written by Ron Cloer