Where I live there aren’t many shepherd so I tried to think about someone in my area who acted like a shepherd to a sheep.  What I came up with was an animal rescuer.  They are passionate and noble people who want to help neglected, abused animals, who cannot help themselves.  I think that captures who God is.


dog-fenceThe Lord is my animal rescuer who takes care of all my needs.

He encourages me to lay down on a soft bed.

He leads me to a clean water dish.

He gives me hope in humanity

He takes me on walks in the park, because he’s good.

Even though I remember dark times and bad owners, I will fear no more, for you are with me.

Your protection and kindness comfort me.

You give me delicious food, even when I think enemies are near.

You clean my matted fur, I’m a happy puppy.

Surely because of your love, I will follow you all the days of my life.

I will live in your house, my rescuer, forever.


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Written by Ron Cloer