Psalm 20

pour-heart-outWhen you’re overwhelmed with a financial, a relationship, or an emotional problem, I pray that God will help solve that problem.  Not only answer your prayer but raise you above your issues.

I want God to hold your hand and listen attentively as you spill your heart to Him.  When you’ve told Him all about it, I want Him to move relentlessly and powerfully.

I want God to remember all the times that you offered a gift or talent from a pure heart, pleasing to Him.

I want God to make those dreams that are most important to you become a reality.  I want God to make your plans, flourish and thrive.

Everyone in the neighborhood, at work and at church will be genuinely excited over your success.  Because of God’s incredible work in your life, we are going to wave flags in our celebration.  I pray that God answers your little requests, your big prayers and everything else too.

I’m absolutely convinced that God won’t give His people defeat but victory.  God enthroned in glory beside the crystal sea answers his chosen man or woman with the same unfathomable power that He used to create the entire universe.

Some people put all their hope in their strength, whether that is a powerful job, or a great retirement plan or wealth, but we know that the only real option is God.

Someday all their wealth and power will evaporate and they will collapse because their hope is gone.  But we will sprout like a oak tree, firm and unwavering.

We are relying on you to help us God.  Lord, King over all things, respond to us when we pray.

Written by Ron Cloer