Psalm 1 – My Version

You will be so happy if you’re not dragged into listening to those who have been dragged into their own evil desires, or standing on the sidewalk near those who don’t value God or pull up a chair at the table of those who communicate their hate for God.

sequoiaInstead be a man or a woman who opens God’s Word and is taken away to joy, be someone who reads and ponders the Bible, allowing it to saturate into your being.

He or she will be like a Northern California Sequoia tree, immoveable, entrenched into the landscape, with greenery reaching to the clouds.  Whatever he or she does will thrive and flourish.

But those individuals who have been lured away to their own path are like dust that’s easily blown away.

Because of that the immoral will not be presiding over the judgement that happens at the end of time, the unethical won’t be mixed into the children of God.

God Himself, keeps a vigilant and loving eye on his sons and daughters, directing them along the path.  But those who try to be independent of Him are demolished and ruined.

Written by Ron Cloer