When a translator converts the Bible into a new language, it opens the Bible to a new group of people and that’s amazing.  There are very few Christ followers who would complain about that because it expands the influence of Christianity.

Have you ever thought that a translation isn’t the only way to expand the influence of God’s Word?  There are so many more ways to expand the influence of God’s Word using creativity.


I distinctly remember seeing my first drama in church and being struck by it because it spoke a language I understood.  Seeing instead of hearing, made the Word’s of God come off the written page and into my world.  It wasn’t until Bible college that I saw my first Christian drama.  Come on churches, put more dramas into the rotation.  I know your pastor is great and all, but dramas can impact some people more than 100 sermons.

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling from Shanna Noel

Bible Journaling from Shanna Noel. Please visit her website www.illustratedfaith.com

My wife has this new hobby involving God Word and I think it’s fantastic.  It’s called Bible journaling and started out of the scrapbook community.  So artistic scrapbook ladies pick out a verse and add interesting letters and visuals.  This creates mini artworks inside their Bible reminding them of their favorite verses.  It is the visual language of a scrapbook lover.

Your Language

For several years now one of my favorite things to do with a text of Scripture is to convert it into my language, into words and sentences that are meaningful to me.  People bristle about this because they don’t want to change God’s Word.  The purpose isn’t to change God’s Word it is to make it personal.  Keeping the meaning and intent in place while using words that are especially meaningful to me.

This is how my mind hears Psalm 63:1-8

  1. My loving and awesome heavenly Father, I run to you.  When I’m out cutting the grass on a smoldering hot day in the blistering sun and I desperately need some water, that’s how I need you.  As my body is in dire need for its liquids to be replenished, so am I in urgent need of You.
  2. Throughout my life, I’ve seen You work things out in amazing and incredible ways, displaying your control over every situation.  Your strength is beyond me and I’m struck by Your greatness.
  3. I need to say it out loud, how unbelievable You are, the way You love this wreck of a human relentlessly.  Your overflowing kindness and love are better than my next breath.
  4. From the first time we were introduced until my time on earth is done, I will acknowledge that you are the best, the most awesome, without equal.  Sometimes Your greatness demands that I raise my hands in the air in personal worship and awe.
  5. Being in Your loving presence is like going to Thanksgiving dinner when I’m full to bursting.  Being with You fills me to overflowing.  Even though I don’t sing well from a musical point of view, I need to sing about Your majesty.
  6. I cannot get You off my mind, God.  When I wake up in the early morning and am surrounded by quiet darkness I remember all the times that you were there for me, helping me.
  7. When my life is chaotic or painful, you are there protecting me.  You defend me and keep me close to You when there are attacks on me.
  8. I hang on to You with white knuckles and you are there, as always, in your unshakable strength, helping me.

Make God’s Word personal, use whatever language speaks to you, written, artistic, vocal, dramatic.


Written by Ron Cloer