Wonder Woman Movie Review – No Spoilers

When you’re dealing with DC’s strongest female superhero, you have a lot at stake.  There are a lot of ways this movie could have gone badly. 1. Zack Snyder and crew could have made Wonder Woman strong and the male lead, Steve Trevor, a wimp, but they didn’t.  Both characters were strong, noble and worthy… Read more »

Heaven Part 5 – Will You Please Shut Up About Streets of Gold?

There are times when I hear people talk about heaven and it makes me cringe.  Not because the topic is unappealing but because their perspective is distorted.  People will say, “I can’t wait to walk on streets of gold.”  “I might be poor on this earth but in heaven I’ll have a mansion on a… Read more »

Women Deserve Better Than This

I don’t often speak at churches, maybe 4 or 5 times a year.  Recently I spoke about culture, specifically the way that Satan is affecting our culture.  Stay with me, I’m not going into a string of spiritual cliches that sound like a mix of Shakespeare and a theology class.  I will continue speaking normal… Read more »

Heaven Part 4 – Does Someone Who Commits Suicide go to Heaven?

This is a question I recently received from two people, one in person and one via this blog.  So I’m sure that others have the same question.  Since my wife, Tina, has been in human services for many years I have some insight into mental illness and depression. When someone gets to the point of… Read more »

Heaven Part 3 – Will Animals or Pets be in Heaven?

Have you ever thought about how we love our pets so much?  Someone visiting from another planet would be surprised by the way we treat our dogs.  We take these furry, sometimes flea infested, time consuming, rolling in the yard, slobbery creatures into our homes.  We talk to them like they are humans, worse, like… Read more »

Heaven Part 2 – How is Heaven Different than Earth?

It should be obvious but I’ll go ahead and state this, we cannot fully know.  There are things that we do know and there are some things that are implied.  While other topics aren’t mentioned or hinted about.  Let’s start with what we know. You will not be married. In Matthew 22 some Jewish people… Read more »

Heaven Part 1 – Indescribable

Read Revelation 4:1-7.  When John is taken to heaven in Revelation chapter 4 he is overwhelmed with all that his senses are trying to comprehend.  He is a first century man taken to a place that goes beyond the edges of his imagination. To give some sort of context, how would someone from that time… Read more »

Election Day, Queen of England, Chinese Water Torture

Here we are on election day.  This is the day that many of us have looked forward to, not because we can vote but because it will be over.  I’m giddy with excitement, I feel like an Ewok on Endor after the death star was destroyed.  Dance little Ewok, dance! This has been the most… Read more »

Psalm 84:10 Bible Journaling

Mallory’s first attempt at Bible Journaling.  She used paint as the backdrop, black gel pen, colored pencils for the rose.  I think it turned out awesome, especially for a first try!

Isaiah 55:12 Bible Journaling

This was made with gel pens for the letters and acrylic paint for the festive dots.

  • Creativity is More

    Creativity is one of those things in your life that can be crushed or cherished.  When you’re young, you create freely, you experiment, you envision all kinds of amazing things.  Your creativity is (hopefully) encouraged and strengthened.  Then you venture away from the safety of home and other people see your work.  Classmates, friends, teachers,… Read more »

  • Black Market

    My good friend, Aaron, and I decided to try something new for lunch.  We went to the far end of Mass Ave to a narrow brick building with black tinted windows called Black Market.  From the outside, you get no indication of the food that lurks within.  As your eyes grow accustomed to the light… Read more »

  • The Brightly Lit Christmas Tree

    This particular year would be more like the Griswald family Christmas instead of the postcard perfect Christmas. My family was very traditional around Christmas.  We had a traditional meal, the same decorations and the same gift giving activities.  My mom was always someone who liked to have the house decorated.  So the men of the house would… Read more »

  • What are we doing?

    For the last few months I’ve been working at a residential treatment center for kids.  Each one of these kids has suffered terribly in their short lives, the oldest kid is 15 and the youngest is 8.  They have lived through situations that I’ve prayed my kids never face. Some were sexually or physically abused… Read more »

  • First Steps

    One of my favorite pictures of my daughter, Mallory, is of her first steps.  The transformation from baby to toddler is found in this moment.  Her short, slightly chubby legs were strong.  Her crawl had turned into that weird thing babies do.  It’s like a forward crab crawl.  Instead of crawling on hands and knees… Read more »

  • Broken Life Cycle

    Some years ago my life was changed when my wife and I had a baby girl, Olivia.  When little baby humans come into our lives, our lives are instantly and permanently changed. Babies are the ultimate rebels, they are mavericks.  They do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want and no one is… Read more »

  • God Calling

    For years I went to church but wasn’t committed to God.  It was surprisingly easy to go to church, appease your conscience, offer internal excuses and forget Jesus during the week. God began wooing me in an obvious way in 2003.  Tina became pregnant and we were hoping for another girl.  After we found out… Read more »