Wonder Woman Movie Review – No Spoilers

When you’re dealing with DC’s strongest female superhero, you have a lot at stake.  There are a lot of ways this movie could have gone badly. 1. Zack Snyder and crew could have made Wonder Woman strong and the male lead, Steve Trevor, a wimp, but they didn’t.  Both characters were strong, noble and worthy… Read more »

Heaven Part 5 – Will You Please Shut Up About Streets of Gold?

There are times when I hear people talk about heaven and it makes me cringe.  Not because the topic is unappealing but because their perspective is distorted.  People will say, “I can’t wait to walk on streets of gold.”  “I might be poor on this earth but in heaven I’ll have a mansion on a… Read more »

Women Deserve Better Than This

I don’t often speak at churches, maybe 4 or 5 times a year.  Recently I spoke about culture, specifically the way that Satan is affecting our culture.  Stay with me, I’m not going into a string of spiritual cliches that sound like a mix of Shakespeare and a theology class.  I will continue speaking normal… Read more »

Heaven Part 4 – Does Someone Who Commits Suicide go to Heaven?

This is a question I recently received from two people, one in person and one via this blog.  So I’m sure that others have the same question.  Since my wife, Tina, has been in human services for many years I have some insight into mental illness and depression. When someone gets to the point of… Read more »

Heaven Part 3 – Will Animals or Pets be in Heaven?

Have you ever thought about how we love our pets so much?  Someone visiting from another planet would be surprised by the way we treat our dogs.  We take these furry, sometimes flea infested, time consuming, rolling in the yard, slobbery creatures into our homes.  We talk to them like they are humans, worse, like… Read more »

Heaven Part 2 – How is Heaven Different than Earth?

It should be obvious but I’ll go ahead and state this, we cannot fully know.  There are things that we do know and there are some things that are implied.  While other topics aren’t mentioned or hinted about.  Let’s start with what we know. You will not be married. In Matthew 22 some Jewish people… Read more »

Heaven Part 1 – Indescribable

Read Revelation 4:1-7.  When John is taken to heaven in Revelation chapter 4 he is overwhelmed with all that his senses are trying to comprehend.  He is a first century man taken to a place that goes beyond the edges of his imagination. To give some sort of context, how would someone from that time… Read more »

Election Day, Queen of England, Chinese Water Torture

Here we are on election day.  This is the day that many of us have looked forward to, not because we can vote but because it will be over.  I’m giddy with excitement, I feel like an Ewok on Endor after the death star was destroyed.  Dance little Ewok, dance! This has been the most… Read more »

Psalm 84:10 Bible Journaling

Mallory’s first attempt at Bible Journaling.  She used paint as the backdrop, black gel pen, colored pencils for the rose.  I think it turned out awesome, especially for a first try!

Isaiah 55:12 Bible Journaling

This was made with gel pens for the letters and acrylic paint for the festive dots.

  • Your Big Mistake

    2000 years ago Paul and Barnabas traveled around Asia minor planting churches, creating disciples, transforming a Greek god dominated religion to Christianity.  The trip originally included John Mark but when they went to Pamphylia, John Mark bailed.  We don’t really know why John Mark left the missionary work, but he did.  John Mark was a… Read more »

  • Abraham, Excuses and the Moon god, Nanna

    Over the past month or so I’ve been studying Abraham’s city of birth, Ur, through non-Christian sources.  I’d like to sum this up for emphasis sake, the city of Ur specifically worshiped the moon god Nanna.  He lived in a ziggurat and several buildings in that city were dedicated to him.  His crescent moon was… Read more »

  • The Political World and the Religious

    Over the years I’ve heard pastors talk about politics a lot.  Around the time of the election they will talk about making a “Christian” decision on the next candidate.  Then they will talk about one of the hot button issues and point to its right answer.  So they aren’t naming a candidate, usually, but they… Read more »

  • Olivia’s Kid Nation Story

    Tonight we drove an hour to hear Olivia read her book that she created for her Senior creative writing course.  On this night there were 15 soon to be graduates displaying their writing prowess to an easy crowd of 200 friends and families.  As I listened to the first 6 students, each had a unique… Read more »

  • Homeless kids and Christmas

    Each year Children’s Bureau helps thousands of kids in Indiana each year.  For 2014, 47,000 kids were helped in some way through foster care, adoption, counseling, treatment, homeless shelter, etc.  At Christmas time each year hundreds are kids are placed on an online Christmas tree.  A giving family will read a few notes about the… Read more »

  • Shoo Fly Review

    Shoo fly is in the rapidly improving area at 22nd and Talbot.  If you haven’t driven in that area in a while, you’ll be shocked at the remodeled and new houses.  There is unbelievable growth and development just north of downtown Indianapolis and Shoo Fly is reaping the benefit. Shoo fly is airy with the… Read more »

  • What Cancer in a Friend Reveals

    Today, I found out that a friend of mine had stage 3 neck cancer via Facebook.  He bravely announced the diagnosis and the treatment he would receive. “To all my friends, here’s what’s been going on with me. I have been diagnosed with stage 3 Squamous Cell Carcinoma neck cancer. I found out after a… Read more »

  • The Mentoring of Scottie Pippen

    As a long term Indiana Pacer fan, I’ve never been that fond of Pippen and Jordan.  For example, in the Bulls record breaking 95-96 season they only had 10 losses for the year and 2 were to the Pacers.  Only a serious Pacer fan would know that.  But there is something in that symbiotic relationship/mentoring… Read more »

  • Me and Steven Jobs

    The story of Steve Jobs, creator of too many things to list, childhood is interesting.  His birth parents gave him up for adoption because his mother’s parents didn’t approve of the relationship.  Steve’s birth father was Muslim and his birth mother was Catholic.  He was placed in the home of Paul and Clara Jobs. When… Read more »

  • Stimulate the Neurons

    In the area where I live the school system administers a test to determine if your child is gifted.  Some are gifted in all tested areas, some are gifted in a few areas and some are not.  This happens in the 2nd grade and determines their friends and classes until they graduate.  It’s a big… Read more »