Mesh MenuOn Saturday afternoon we stopped by Mesh on Mass Avenue for some lunch.  Since we had kids in tow they put us in the back room.  Shockingly there were no kids in the front spaces of the restaurant.  This isn’t uncommon with nicer restaurants but it does feel something like the town with no kids from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  (too obscure?)

Anyway we were greeted by a friendly enough lady who might have looked too long at our casual attire.  Judging or observant?  In her defense we didn’t dress like we were going to a nice place to eat.  We were in jeans and sweatshirts enjoying one on the last good fall days in Indiana.  She treated us kindly throughout so I’ll give her a break.

There was something that I thought strange about some wording used.  When we walked in we were greeted with “good morning”.  It was 12:30.  So maybe time slipped by and she didn’t realize it was after 12.  No problem.  Then we were given the brunch menu.  Shouldn’t brunch be between breakfast and lunch?  10:30ish.  After thinking about it, Mesh is for people who sleep in late on Saturday mornings and not for people like me who get up at 7 on Saturday.

Monkey BreadOn to the good stuff, the food.  We ordered a Monkey Bread appetizer. ($6)  The crust was flaky and the apple cider carmel was amazing.  It was small but shouldn’t a great appetizer leave you wanting more.  It looked like a cinnamon roll from a can but one taste spoke to it origin.  This wasn’t from a can.

Each of us ordered something different to get a better feel for the place.  Mallory ordered the Apple Cinnamon Waffle with brown sugar cured ham ($11).  I ordered the Short Rib Grilled Cheese ($12) and Griffin ordered the White Cheddar Bacon Burger ($12).


Grilled CheeseBoth Griffin and I had the sweet potato chips with our meals.  We will start with my meal, the Short Rib Grilled Cheese.  I don’t think that I’ve ever ordered a grilled cheese sandwich at a restaurant.  Why would I?  It is one of the easiest things to make.  In college we would make them with Velveeta and an iron.  This was unlike those masterful creations.  The short ribs were sweet and incredibly juicy, so this sandwich had trouble staying together for the next bite.  The top slice of my sandwich was crunchy toast while the bottom was a juicy mess.  I managed to devour the deliciousness regardless of the trouble.


GriffinGriff Eating‘s sandwich required me to cut it in half and him to unhinge his jaw to take a bite.  He likes a good cheese burger but this one might have been a little sophisticated for his tastebuds.  There were no sesame seeds on this bun.  White cheddar, crispy bacon slabs, a garlic aioli sauce with what tasted like horseradish to me.  While the little man only let me have one bite it was very good.  The sweet potato chips were crunchy and addictive.  Before realizing it you were reaching for someone else’s plate of chips.

Mallory’s apple cinnamon waffle with ham was tasty as well.  After saying that she was full I saw her continue to nibble on.  That’s always a good sign.

Overall, Mesh on Mass Avenue is a delicious choice for lunch or brunch.  To give a point of reference, I spent $12 for lunch at Panera.  My sandwich at Mesh was $12 and the quality was far superior.



Mesh Brunch Menu


Written by Ron Cloer