CBEach year Children’s Bureau helps thousands of kids in Indiana each year.  For 2014, 47,000 kids were helped in some way through foster care, adoption, counseling, treatment, homeless shelter, etc.  At Christmas time each year hundreds are kids are placed on an online Christmas tree.  A giving family will read a few notes about the child and look at their Christmas list.  If they take that child’s name from the tree, (sponsor them) they buy Christmas for them.  This year 800 needy kids need a hero to help them have Christmas.  (Currently 200 are still available if you’re feeling especially loving.)  That’s not the point of this post though.

These are the kids that we know are in the system or who are currently at Children’s Bureau.  We can buy Christmas presents for them.  There are some kids for whom we cannot buy Christmas though.  You see, kids will come to the shelter because they are homeless or without a parent on or near Christmas.  They will just appear there and need a place to stay.  We cannot know who these kids are or how many there will be.

But an amazing thing happens each year.  An unknown couple calls the shelter, asks the kids for a list on Christmas day and then goes and buys them Christmas presents.  They return with wrapped gifts.  They don’t do it for acknowledgement or praise, we don’t even know their names.  But each year they appear and dispense gifts and hope.  Two years ago they were in a wreck on their way to the shelter and had to have a friend drive them around.  They still came and gave to the kids in the most desperate need.  Isn’t that awesome?

Do you want to be great?  Be like that!  Give without strings attached.  Give not for acknowledgement or praise but because it’s awesome.

James 1 seems appropriate

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

Written by Ron Cloer