Modern science and Christianity are often seen as enemies.  Billions and billions of years of evolution versus creation by a loving God are wildly different accounts of our beginning.  Sometimes science and Christianity are the best of friend.

st peterThere was a church tradition that the apostle Peter was buried on Vatican hill.  In the first part of the 4th century Constantine built a Basilica there, now called St. Peter’s Basilica.  In the 1950’s and 60’s they exhumed bones and more recently forensic testing identified them as a 61 year old man from the 1st century.  In 2013 Pope Francis displayed these 2000 year old bones publicly as Saint Peter.

In 1986 in the midst of a terrible drought 2 brothers from a 1st century fishing boat.  There is no direct tie to Jesus or his disciples but we can better understand fishing references in the Bible.  The boat was soaked in a chemical bath for 7 years to preserve it.  This is the only time in history when this could have been found and preserved.

ryland library papIn 1920 a Doctor purchased some papyri on behalf of the Rylands Library at the University of Manchester.  In 1934 began studying this small fragment and realized that it was something special.  It was a small piece of John 18 and it was dated to 125 to 150 ad.  The book of John was written in about 90 AD so this document is unbelievable close in date to the original.  This is what it says on the back…

a King I am. For this I have been born
and (for this) I have come into the world so that I would
testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth
hears of me my voice.” Said to him
Pilate, “What is truth?” and this
having said, again he went out unto the Jews
and said to them, “I find not one
fault in him.”

When someone you know argues that the Bible wasn’t accurately translated this is the best way to prove the truth.  Our modern versions matches this almost 1900 year old document, written 35 years after John penned it!

Over and over again, when real, tangible evidence is examined (not theories), science and Christianity work well together.  If you’re a believer don’t run from science.  God is showing Himself in all kinds of ways and forensic, scientific archaeology confirms the Biblical account.

Written by Ron Cloer