For years I went to church but wasn’t committed to God.  It was surprisingly easy to go to church, appease your conscience, offer internal excuses and forget Jesus during the week.

rotory phoneGod began wooing me in an obvious way in 2003.  Tina became pregnant and we were hoping for another girl.  After we found out it was going to be a boy, I had a dream.  God told me in my dream that a baby boy was going to die unless I prayed and sought Him. It would be our baby or that of a guy I didn’t like. (His wife was pregnant at the same time)  I’d never been given a dream before and I wondered if it was my imagination or God speaking to me.  I looked at what the dream suggested, praying for an obnoxious guy’s kid and seeking Him.  Yeah, that sounds like God.

So I prayed and I fasted for the lives of those two baby boys.  His son was born first, zero complications.  A few months later at our son’s birth everything was going fine.  Doctor Webb, who is a good Christian man, was watching the monitors and keeping track of everything.  There came a time when his face hardened and focused, something was wrong.  He called in a nurse and they announced that the baby was in distress and that they needed to do an emergency C-section.  With that he and the nurse rolled the bed and Tina out of the room and down the hall.  The happy, joyful light conversations in the room of family and friends ceased.  

“What’s going on?”
  Before I could answer, a nurse came in and gave me scrubs and off I went to follow Tina and Dr. Webb.

As I was cleaning up and putting on the scrubs outside the operating room, I wondered if I had prayed with enough faith and passion.  When I walked into the operating room with its intense lighting and nurses criss crossing the room with their individual purposes, I was overwhelmed.  They lead me to a single chair beside Tina’s head that I occupied to hold her hand.  She was spaced out from all the medication and barely aware.  Dr. Webb had marked her lower abdomen where the incision would be made.  He looked up from his preparations and said to me, “pray”.  With the chaos around me, my wife incoherent, I was alone and scared.  In that moment of desperation there wasn’t an eloquent or profound prayer in my mouth, simply, “Lord help”.  That was all I could give before tears took me.

A moment or two later with all the nurses and supplies ready, Dr. Webb said he was going to check one last time before making the incision.  “Oh”, said with a look of surprise, the baby is ready.  Tina pushed one time and this baby boy was delivered.  He had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and tied in a knot like he was wearing a scarf.  The nurse took him to a baby warmer and thoroughly checked him out.  This little miracle of a baby boy, Griffin, was born without defect to a praying man and a dizzied wife.  As a side note, Dr. Webb decided to become a family doctor so he is still our doctor.  12 years after that day he still refers to Griffin as the miracle baby!

Written by Ron Cloer