In this crazy world that rarely makes sense, fear is easy.

eiffel tower coloredParis had a consolidated attack by Isis that left well over 100 people dead.  They attacked with suicide bombers, they fired weapons into unarmed masses.  At least one of the suspects posed as a refugee from Syria.  An international manhunt is underway for the remaining suspects.  After taking credit for the destruction, IS has promised that there are more attacks coming.  10,000 Syria refugees are coming into the US to escape the chaos in the region.  Many fear that among those legitimate refugees are terrorist looking for an opportunity to enter our country.  As of this writing, 24 state governors have banned Syrian refugees from entering their state, the legality is still being debated.  To say that fear is rampant is an understatement.

There are numerous organizations set up to protect us, counter terrorism police, homeland security, the FBI, the CIA and yet fear remains.  We are patted down when we go to a Colts game or to see the Pacers, and still there is fear.  We see someone who looks like a Muslim and we wonder if they are a terrorist.  (Odds are really good that they aren’t.)

There is a fallacy to terrorism –
They try to strike fear but they create support.
They try to make people retreat but heroes emerge.
They believe in hate but love is poured out.

It can be frightening to watch the news, to watch how we trivialize life.  There are other crisis that are equally worthy of hiding in a 50’s era bunker.  Each day we hear of a stabbing or a drug related gun fight.  We hear about kids being abused and babies being shaken, and it’s terrifying as a parent.  Fear Mongering is common because it makes for a good story.  What are we supposed to do?  Give in to the fear and worry?

David had some experience with life and death situations.  He had a crazy dictator hunting him down in an effort to kill him specifically, not Americans or non-Muslims, in a general sense.  In his most perilous situations he saw beyond the threat.  Listen to his words…

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me;

I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

My God isn’t a god of fear.  We are free from fear.  Fear thinking and fear living isn’t the way that God intended you to live.  God is in our lives so fear doesn’t have any room.

Written by Ron Cloer