ewok-dancingHere we are on election day.  This is the day that many of us have looked forward to, not because we can vote but because it will be over.  I’m giddy with excitement, I feel like an Ewok on Endor after the death star was destroyed.  Dance little Ewok, dance!

This has been the most venomous, negative election season, for the presidency and other elected offices in our history.  That is saying something when you’re talking about 230 years of history.  Whether you are “with her” or plan to “make America great again” or have been hashtagging “#letGarydebate” this has been ugly.  You know it’s bad when the Queen of England, who is about 150 years old, offers to restore British rule because it’s so desperate.

I know that I’m not the only one who considered that a reasonable solution.  She looks good in hats, conducts herself with elegance and doesn’t even use e-mail, let alone delete them.

Hillary and Donald didn’t shake hands, sure, that’s a small gesture but it’s a gesture of respect and civility.  During the debates, they didn’t answer the questions but followed their own agendas.  Not answering a question is one of my pet peeves so watching the debate was like a Chinese water torture for me.  Too often I found myself demanding an answer from the pant suit lady and the orange angry man, but without success.  I don’t like or trust either of our choices.  Sorry, Gary Johnson you didn’t make the debate or my choices.  You did summit Everest so you’re still a winner with me.

This is the point of my rant, our candidates haven’t acted like we are one nation.  They have acted like people who disagree with them are stupid, ignorant, naive, or deplorable.  I see adamant followers express the same kinds of thoughts, that if someone disagrees with you, they are a racist or sexist or there is a conspiracy and the swamp needs to be drained.  Both sides make major assumptions and generalizations about the other side.  Both are wrong.

The results of this election will be like a punch to the throat to the group that loses.  It will be devastating.  Can we, as a people, show more kindness and respect in winning or losing than our candidates?  Can we acknowledge that there are good conservatives and good progressives?  Can we eliminate the name calling in favor of mutual respect?  Maybe in our little love fest we can invite Gary Johnson to this party. 🙂  Does anyone else feel like Gary Johnson was the last kid to get picked in a kick ball game?

Written by Ron Cloer