My good friend, Aaron, and I decided to try something new for lunch.  We went to the far end of Mass Ave to a narrow brick building with black tinted windows called Black Market.  From the outside, you get no indication of the food that lurks within.  As your eyes grow accustomed to the light inside you see plenty of old wood.  There is a long wooden table where maybe 16 people could sit running parallel with the bar.  That seems a little overkill for the two of us so we sat at a table by the window.

Pickled foodThe menu seemed a little strange to me but both of us are adventuresome eater.  I asked the waitress what they were known for and she said we needed to try the daily pickles.  She explained it to me and I almost didn’t order it.  At a mere $6 we gave it a go regardless of the explanation.  It came with pickled turnips, pickled strawberries, pickled radishes, a pickled egg and homemade peanut butter.  I don’t usually eat turnips or radishes so I was extremely skeptical.  Shockingly it was divine.  The pickled strawberries and homemade peanut butter was like a grown up version of a PB&J.  All the flavors mixing together in a beautiful way.  This is something you NEED to try, it’s wonderful.

PimentoSince neither of us had ever visited Black Market before we ordered different things.  Aaron order a Canadian Bacon, fried egg and pimento cheese sandwich for $10.  In my head I envisioned the pimento cheese dip that you buy at the grocery store.  That sounded awful.  After the first intrepid bite, followed by several more, much quicker bites Aaron had a verdict.  “This might be the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  The Canadian bacon is so fresh that they must have live pigs in the back.”  I cannot say for sure but he might have licked his plate clean when I stepped away from the table.  Aaron loved his sandwich.

Black MarketI ordered a brisket something that was absolutely delicious.  They’ve changed their menu recently so I can’t tell you everything that was involved in this flavorful sandwich.

There were two things that both of us kept saying at the end of our meal.
#1 – We are definitely coming here again.
#2 – Black Market has a chef not a cook.  A cook makes good food but a chef masterfully blends flavors to create something great.  This is great food.

The menu can look a little scary but you need to trust the creative work of their chef.  For lunch, this is a great bargain for top notch food.  Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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Written by Ron Cloer