Maine hermitRecently I was reading an article on about a man who walked into the woods in Maine in 1986.  The Last True Hermit  Nothing forced him into the woods, there were no tragic events that served as catalysts.  One random summer day he drove his car near Moosehead Lake took side roads until there was only a trail left to take.  He left the keys in his car, grabbed his backpack and set off for adventure.  From that bright day in 1986 when Farris Bueller had a day off until 2013 when he was found, he spoke to no other human.  That was some “day” off.  He wandered through the woods of Maine eventually settling on a perfect spot near North Pond Maine.  He lived in the woods for 27 years by stealing food and supplies from vacation cabins on North Pond.  He was a mist on a dark night.  He was unknown and yet legendary.  Random things would go missing, books, pillows, propane tanks, jeans, all while his mystic status grew.

After being caught by a trail camera rigged with a remote alarm he was sent to jail, while they sorted out the details.  He had broken in to places around the area 40 times a year for 27 years. (10,000 crimes)  While the article writer was interviewing this reclusive man he said one thing that I’d like to share.

He explained about the lack of eye contact. “I’m not used to seeing people’s faces,” he said. “There’s too much information there. Aren’t you aware of it?  Too much, too fast.”

He is correct, there is too much information in people’s faces!  Haven’t you looked at your wife or kids and said, “oh, you’re sick.  What’s wrong?”  They seem surprised but it’s because their faces are telling a story.  You can look at a new mom, deprived of sleep and you can see the weary in her eyes.  You can see in the face of a child when harsh words have hurt them.

So maybe you agree with me, what’s the point?  Look up from your computer screen, iphone screen, TV screen or Gameboy screen and look at the face in front of you.  For one day, don’t answer someone without looking at them.  What is going on with them?  How are they feeling?  Take notice of something other than the newest emoji or email.  Before you look up again, the kids will be grown and the wife or husband will be older than you remember.

Make today Face to face day!

For my Christian friends or those people who God is a question mark.   Look up this set of verse in Numbers

Written by Ron Cloer