Creativity is one of those things in your life that can be crushed or cherished.  When you’re young, you create freely, you experiment, you envision all kinds of amazing things.  Your creativity is (hopefully) encouraged and strengthened.  Then you venture away from the safety of home and other people see your work.  Classmates, friends, teachers, non-invested adults and one of them said your creative work was junk, it was worthless.  They crushed your work and in the process crushed your belief in your vision.  Your creative confidence was damaged.

Tina’s first year of scrap booking

While that moment passed unnoticed to the world beyond your brain, the next time you created something, those negative words and looks return.  Instead of innovating with abandon you pulled back, you kept some of it inside.  Over time you learned from harsh or practical people that you aren’t creative.

They stifled your creativity and you blame yourself.

So when someone asks you, “Are you creative?”  Your immediate response is, “No, I’m not creative.”  It’s sad but you believe those words.

Sure there are all kinds of personality with some being more technically driven but being creative makes them better.


Tina’s 2nd year of scrapbooking – creativity alive

Several years ago my wife frequently told me that she wasn’t creative.  Then she started scrap booking.  The first year she said that she hated all her work because it didn’t reflect the vision in her head.  The first picture to your right is from that first year.  Then she found new methods and creative people to imagine along with and everything changed.  The beauty in her mind flowed to the pages with interesting patterns, textures, paints and pictures.  She surrounded herself with people who encouraged her, built up her confidence in her work. (It was an online community)

IMG_2855Now she is extremely confident in her creative ways.

I believe that our Heavenly Father is incredibly creative and to show some of His glory, we need to be creative.  The next time you have the opportunity to be creative, imaginative and unique, remember that it reflects your Father and go for it.

Written by Ron Cloer